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0219 Distraction Destroys

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Distraction destroys
Distraction Destroys (Hebrews 12:1-2)
Everyone is running from something to someone (2 Timothy 2:22)
When we run after God we automatically run from devil
When we run after sin we automatically run from God
Sin is more like Texas chainsaw and God is more like fish
Christian life is pursuit not a point
Today suppose to be better then yesterday and tomorrow better then today
We are commanded to run, not to jog or walk or stand
Distractions cause accidents
Don’t look at what you are running from but who you are running to (Lot’s wife)
Don’t look at who is running faster but who you are running to (Saul)
Don’t look at your wound but to the cross (Israel)
If you want to defeat someone, distract them (driving, the second chance)
Attraction distracts
If you chase two rabbits, both will escape
Your destiny is more important then driving it requires your undivided attention
Distracted Devotion (Luke 10:38)
Martha’s invitation (destructed from Jesus by serving Him)
Mary’s devotion
She sat at His feet “worship”
She heard His word “word”
Unless you sit at His feet you will not see scars of nails
Worship like Mary & work like Martha
Martha had Jesus and worry and trouble (stress)
The root of Martha’s worries and troubles is her work was not born out of worship
Mary is first commandment and Martha is second commandment not the opposite
Moses’ failed when he tried to work for God, He didn’t know
David was a worshipper before he was a warrior; Saul failed because he was warrior only
Public performance is depended on private devotion (Matthew 7)
There could be no power in public without presence in private
God rewards private devotion publicly (Matthew 6:6)
God’s spot light is on you when crowd’s spot light is off you
Welcome Him and Worship Him (Revelations 3:20)
When Jesus comes heart changes (Zacchaeus)
No one is too bad to touch Jesus (Prostitute)
For Jesus to be able to refuse to receive sinners would be like for doctor to refuse to receive the sick
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