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0213 The God of Covenant

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The God of Covenant
Bible is the book of covenant
Testament is another word of covenant
God is the God of covenant
The moment God breaks covenant He will become like us and the moment we will learn to keep covenant with God we will become like Him (Psalm 89:3)
God’s covenant with Abraham promised land (Genesis 12, 17)
God’s covenant with David promised heir on throne forever (2 Samuel 7:12)
Salvation is to be in the covenant with God
Old covenant: made with Abraham; must be seed of Abraham; circumcision is sign of it
New covenant: made with Jesus; must be born again; baptism is sign of it
Covenant is like marriage (Malachi 2:14)
Marriage is an exchange with no expiration date
You can’t marry without divorcing your past
Ring says that you are not for sale but you are in love
Joshua 9-10
Don’t make a covenant without finding out who they are and without consulting God
Covenant is the only way of salvation
Gibeon was marked for utter destruction; I am not bad person but you are disobedient
Benefit of covenant is I can’t hurt you
If covenant of lie couldn’t destroy them how much more the covenant of blood wouldn’t hurt us?
Covenant based on lie made them slaves but covenant based on blood makes us sons
God is unlike Saul who breaks covenant (2 Samuel 21:1-2)
God didn’t approve of the covenant but He punished Israel for breaking it
Covenant was broken hundreds of years from time it was made
The person who breaks covenant is punished severely
Covenant stirs up trouble with other nations
Israel wouldn’t attack Gibeon now and Gibeon wouldn’t share death with others
Covenant provides support in the battle
Benefit of covenant is your battle is my battle
To refuse to help someone in covenant would be breaking the covenant
If Joshua helped slaves in covenant what makes you think that Jesus wouldn’t help sons in covenant?
You don’t have to fear to call for help because you’re in covenant
God had to help David because of covenant
Gibeonites chose to surrender instead of fighting
Jesus is our substitute; if don’t want Him to cover your expenses then you will have to cover them by yourself
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