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0174 Obedience

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Obedience – carrying out the word or the will of another person
Obedience is a supreme test of faith in God and reverence for Him (Gen.22:1)
Obedience is the test of maturity of every child of God
If you love you would obey (John 14:23-24)
Do we trample before God’s word? (Is.66:2)
Winds obey His voice, do you? (Mt.8:27)
Halfhearted obedience is as evil as rebellion
Saul went and left little bit undone (1 Sam.15:22)
Ananias sold and gave to apostles but left little bit to themselves (Acts 5)
Achan went to fight but took on his way some forbidden thing (Joshua 7)
Moses made that rock gave water but hid instead of speaking (Num.20:1-13)
Samson fought against Philistines but ate unclean and drank wine (Judges 14)
Balaam didn’t go but went and then died (Num.22)
It’s the level of your obedience not your sacrifice that determines level of your blessing
Obedience is sacrifice and even better then sacrifice (Gen.22; 1 Sam.15:22)
Disobedience destroyed nations not God (Deut.8:20)
Obedience is the cause of blessing (Deut.28) “the voice of the Lord” not “the commandment of the Lord”
Disobedience of Adam brought death but obedience of Christ brought life (Rom.5:12-21)
The reason we don’t obey is because we don’t believe (John 16:8-9)
It’s always nice for God to hear that you cannot be trusted
Disobedience and unbelief are same (Heb.3:18-19)
Obey is rooted in trust
Israel didn’t enter promise land because of disobedience but disobeyed because of unbelief (Deut.9:23)
Israel didn’t enter promise land not because of idolatry but because of negative confession (Num.11)
Satan first questioned the commandment (Gen.3:1)
Satan secondly lied about the consequences of breaking the commandment (Gen.3:4)
It’s interesting how Eve believe that God has said that she can’t eat of the tree but didn’t believe that she will die after eating of it
As long as Eve believed that she would die she didn’t eat of the fruit
The reason we don’t obey is because we hold on to that which is precious to us (Gen.22:12, 16)
God will not take from you but He will only ask for it – obedience
What did God withhold from you?
The more of us we withhold from Him, the more of Him is withheld from us
By withholding from God we are withholding our blessing from ourselves
Some withholdings will cost you your life (Acts 5)
Widow didn’t withhold the last that she had but gave it and she didn’t die (1 Kings 17:8-24)
We feel more pain when we withhold something from God then when we give it to Him
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