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Jesus in glory on the mountain.

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16/10-22 17:1-17:13 \c
Last week Jesus started telling the disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer and die, Peter tried to change Jesus’ mind, and Jesus called Peter Satan. And then laid out what it cost to follow Jesus, that they and we are to deny our self and take up our cross and follow Jesus.
Last week’s last verse was 28: Truly I say to you, there are some standing here that will not taste death until the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom. (See his glory).
Different people go different places with this, but the 3 disciples will see the glory of Jesus. But let us read.
Jesus takes Peter, James and John up a high mountain (It does not say which one but, many guess). MAPS. As I was preparing, I was thinking okay after 6 days, they go up, but what does the other disciples do? Are they sleeping, or… We find out next time! They are ministering to the crowed. But why the 3? Are the closest to Jesus? We can make our guesses. They may have need it in some way. (Jesus could have gone alone). But with them there are witnesses of what happened. Not for Jesus’ sake but theirs.
But what happened on the mountain? Jesus changes before their eyes, and they see him in his glory, his face sines like the sun, and his clothe is like the light – rays of light from the sun. That is mind bending enough, but it is not over. Jesus gets a visit by Moses and Elijah. The law and the prophets, come and encourage Jesus, in this next part on his ministry that leads to the cross.
This is probably a bit too much for the disciples to grasp. Peter speaks up as is his custom; let me make a shelter/tent for the 3 of you… As he is still speaking a cloud overshadows them, and God the father speaks. Reaffirming Jesus, in his identity, and in the love the father has for him. And that the disciples should listen to him. “This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” (Peter writes about this event in 2. Peter 1:16-18 PPT telling people that he is an eyewitness of Jesus’ ministry, and proving it with referring to this event.)
The reaction of the disciples; they are terrified and fall on their faces. It is to much for them, well it properly would be for us all.
But Jesus in verse 7 comes and touches the disciples, and say rise and have no fear. WoW. When the disciples look up, they see only Jesus, Moses and Elijah and the cloud is gone. (What are the disciples thinking at this point?). What about us? Would we be able to stand? In the presents of glory? Not likely, all in the bible who encounter angles or glory they are all terrified and fall down, - so no, we will be down on our knees or on our face. (Interesting to ponder, how often we rebel against a glorious God that his true unveiled presents may kill us, or slam us to the ground). How fare are we from that view of God? Of Jesus? We are not to make the mistake, that God is not Holy and glorious, because he does not intervene a punish us all the time, or Jesus love me so I am okay, well yes but that does not make Him less glories. Only by grace can we come before a holy glorious God, in Jesus, by The Holy Spirt. (Moses face, Gods glory made it shine, Jesus shines himself – his is glory- divine – the cloud that filled the mountain and Moses, the temple – Gods presents.)
They start walking down the mountain, and Jesus commands them to say nothing about what they saw, until after the son of man has risen from the death, there is great hope Jesus will rise again from death. The disciples dose not ask about the resurrection of Jesus but about some of the scribes teaching. They ask a about Elijah, and what the scribes said about him Malaki 4:5, that he would come first. Jesus explains; that the scribes was right, that Elijah, did come, (and many did repent), but they did not recognize him, and they rejected him (and he got killed by Herod). After Jesus said that, the disciples understand that Jesus was talking about John the Baptist. Jesus did also in chapter 11:14 PPT say about John that he if “they accept it that John is Elijah who is to come. But many did not, and what happened to John was a prelude to what is going to happen to the son of man Jesus, he will also be rejected and killed. (By the leaders.).
Jesus asking his disciples and us, to deny our self and take up our cross and follow him, if we were in doubt, of how Jesus is, then we get this picture of Him in glory, his face shining like the sun, his clothe white as rays of light, this is the one we are asked to follow.
Jesus him self is at this point encouraged by Moses, that looked forward to Jesus’ day to see him come. Moses was viewed as the great leader and the one that received the law, and the one people said they trusted in. But Moses trusted in Jesus, Moses had a lot of experience in people rejecting him and God, like 40+ years… He may have had a few encourage words for Jesus. Like you know people will let you down, but God will not, he will be with you all the way. I know the people are annoying and sometimes they want to kill you, but hold on to the prize, and trust in God, the plan you made together. We need you to do this for us all. This is the only way.
Elijah was for most of his life hunted by king Ahab, and accused of causing the rain to stop the troubler of Israel. Elijah had a great victory over the ball prophets on mount Carmel, when God answered his pray by fire, rounding all the ball prophets up and killing them all. After that Elijah gets scared by Jezebels’ thetas / and runs 100 miles and feeling all alone, he cries to God I am alone, no one worships you and he asks to die, … He may have had a few words of encouragement to Jesus also, you know the people will not believe even your wonders they will still go after other Gods or reject you. But God is faithful, and I along with Moses will ask you to be faithful even more that we were, we need you to finish this and make all things new. Yes, it will be painful road ahead and you will feel abandoned by all, even God. You will be close to despair and ask for another way, but you know what needs to happen, this is the culmination of history you are walking towards. (This is guesses we don’t know what they said, how do you encourage Jesus? And how is he encouraged?).
God the father, speaks, Identity, affirmation, and instruction to the disciples, and encouragement to speak the words that comes from his father.
This was my encuargemt to you, to see who Jesus is to be affirmed in him, to know who he is and that we can trust him.
People are made in the image of God and therefore have value, worth, but we are all broke by sin and rebellion, against God and are children of wrath, in darkness and sins, but God makes a way for us to be restored to Him, in Jesus.
In Jesus we can see new identity, Child of God, part of the new creation, - Jesus can affirm that, as we trust in believe in his life, death, resurrection and coming back. Rejection proves that we are still children of wrath and rebellion, and living for our own kingdom, - the good news and encouragement is look to Jesus, he’s his glory, his work, the fathers love for you displayed in his life, death, and resurrection. What is your identity?
How is it confirmed/ affirmed? With the same words Gods speaks to Jesus, good work, good and faithful servant, how is this lived out
We show it by listening to Jesus, and live out his teaching, the call from God is to listen to Jesus. Therefore, as I have said some times before, it is an indication that you’re still a child of wrath, if you reject Jesus’ teaching, and what the bible teaches. Instead, we are invited to listen to Jesus, follow Jesus, deny our self and take up our cross and follow Jesus, as we are listening to him.
Speak identity, affirm it in Christ/ or call to Christ, (invite people and remind people to follow Jesus teaching)
How do we encourage others? How does God encourage you like he did with Jesus? – bible, prayer, worship serving, giving, living for Jesus taking up our cross and following.
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