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I put you in front. Front of my melody. You are all that matters. You are all that matter. Iron Man Group.

You are all that matter. You are all that matter.

You are all that matter. You are all that matters.

You are all that matter.

What would I do if I didn't have you in my life? If you take the Holy Ghost, what would happen,

World would I be mad at me if you didn't?

No, I come to realize you are all that matters.

Front of my melody. You are all that matters. You are all that matter. I make room for two. You are all that matter. You are all that matters. Is it that house or is it the car? I'll give the money to you. I'm nothing without you. What would have become of me if I didn't?

All that matters.

I make room for two. You and I are all that matter.

You are all that matter. You are all that matters. I put you in front. In front of everything, you are all that matter.

Iron Man, Crew.

You are all that matter. You are all that matters.

A man.

Thank you, brother, Chris. Amen. You're all that matters before I introduce the speaker. Hallelujah. How I just want to make the announcement in prayer and Friday night at 6 p.m. we're not physically back in the church yet. But if you around 6 and remember to pray, a prayer for a new life and Community. Matter fact, we're praying for the word recollected can do it for Thanksgiving giveaways. And our year-end member meeting is November 13th right after the service and we will be having watch Night Service. Now become forthcoming, October birthday, the sister. Pamela margarum was October 26th, I only ATP birth is October. 29th and asked the lady. Peace anniversary is October 23rd a man. And that's because

Not own it and pray about it and give let us bless them. Amen. Amen. Now we going to get ready for the word. A man, I believe that God has given us a word for his people today, just sit back and just hear what the word has to say. And let us proceed in our hearts. Because I know she's a woman of God. So he has been dealing her for years, but everything is coming forth of his already put in to her. So I just pray that you would just sit back and listen what God has given her to give his people up. Introducing our own first lady that lady p'burg, amen. Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord.

Yes, Lord, hallelujah. Thank you, Lord, Jesus. Thank you, Lord, thank you, thank you. Thank you. I make room for two.

It's not easy. Getting up to minister the word of God. It's not easy preparing. But I trust God that he can use to me this morning to bless somebody. It is women Sunday today.

Yes Lord, thank you my sister. I call you my sister. I call for you my sister, I cover you sister Shakira. I cover you and Jesus saying because I am My Sister's Keeper. Next time, there will be the man Sunday, the pcc's brothers through Christ, but we going to rock on for this morning. Praise the name of Jesus. Thank you, God. Before I start, I just want to ask God to guide me to let me only say what he wants me to say. Father God, I pray right now that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. I hope that you are pleased with the presentation of your word. God, I ask that you increase in me. As I decrease I made touch someone today. You said your word will not return unto you void. So, I'm depending on you this morning, even me, Lord is upon me in Jesus name, amen.

Today, I'm just here to remind you of something. I am absolutely sure that you have heard it before.

I am just here to remind you of the promises of God, not all of them because we don't have that kind of time. But at the scripture today, Psalms 91, And I'm going to start from fourth 9.

Because thou Hast made the Lord, which is my refuge even the most high that I have a station there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands left eye, doctor feet against the stone that we shall. Tread upon the lion and other the Young Lion and the dragon shelled out Trampled Under my feet because he had set his love upon me. Therefore I will deliver him. I will set him on high because he has known my name shall call upon me and I will answer, I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him with long life, will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

No, just endorse cute purses that I've read, has about 14 promises that God has made. I will just focus on a few. Now let's take a deeper look at his promises and he's worth. Because you have made him.

Nose like a bargain.

Because you have made him his dwelling place and we know the Holy Spirit and dealing filled. So you got to be a certain kind of cool to have the spirit of God inside of you. Not just any kind of clean but I'm starting kind of clean but because you have done so

Dwelling Place. Meaning your house, your body, your literal house this church. You're literally body after all. It is the Temple of the Living. God But because you have done that, he is promising the things. He said, I will protect you You may not feel you need protection. But let me tell you something, you don't know what's happening to you sleep. You don't know who is plotting and planning your device even as you sleep more. So even that you walk and talk and they're smiling in your face

Sometimes we only pray for God protection, but I got something to tell you. Sometimes you just got to give him. Thanks for all the things he's blocked. Amman Amman.

People just want to see you fall. People don't want. They want what you have? They want your glory, but they can't handle your story. They don't know what you have to do. While you are waiting on God, to promote you to choose to make you successful. They don't know the tears that you have crashed. I don't know the argument with your children. That don't know the argument you had with the bank.

What they want, what you have?

Once your glory but can't even handle your story, he says no evil will befall you. Not just you, I'm here to tell you your children and your grandchildren will also be protecting. He said, If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves. Fix my face. And, yes, turn from your Wicked Ways, Open. Kristen people don't have Wicked Ways. I'm here to tell you, Christian people are, some of the hardest people to get along with some people are some of the rudest people you've ever met, but you better turn from your wicked way. And God said, if you do. I will hear from Heaven. I will heal your land. I will protect you. That's a bargain.

He said, I will give my angels charge over you.

Sometimes some of the things we're going through just might offer God but he's not an angel. He's a brother Stanley again. He doing the same thing you did last week.

Because he knows I did real can handle him. No, you'll be somebody like me. That's like to see your No One Touch.

He got to talk to me directly because I I got questioned and sometimes I'm not always in the will of God. I'm it looks like I got it together sometimes, but let me tell you this morning. I might be on top of the world for tomorrow. The world might be on top of me. So, when I find myself in a situation, I forgot. You tell me, don't send nobody to tell me. You tell me. Because we got a lot of people who knows how to act like a Christian then know how to pray like a Christian like a question. But they are far from being Christian. You can't even ask them to pray because they can't get a prayer plaster ceiling.

I know God, that's not the point that God knows you.

Glory be to the name of God. When you find yourself in a situation, don't think last week that Ville It's coming again this week because you have graduated. Different level different devil. No, low-level Devil's. Not coming out for you anymore. You got some high-ranking devils coming after you.

Lincoln Devils come in because you've been at his right then. Can't come no more.

So what show did coming out the woodwork people you haven't heard from in a long time? No one for know how you doing your business. Keep On Walking. Mind your business. I'm doing fine, 24 years, I didn't talk to you when you're calling me. Know, for

What you calling me for?

But always be ready. Got that I will guard you in all your ways as he sometimes, we think, because we fall down today, we are not worthy. I'm here to tell you, you are worthy, you have wore, this is always a possibility, I'm probably more probable than not. We all will fall down. Falling down, is not the problem. It's turn down. Hallelujah, get up and take up your bed while you're catching up. In the name of Jesus, many people look for outside source. For a sense of retreat.

A drug and alcohol. Some people are addicted to social media can understand it, but listen whatever your addiction. Is it your addiction?

You know, some some some men are addicted to just looking at other women. I'm not saying they're going to do anything, but did you

Their men.

Men. Something about the what kind of attention you look nice sister Veronica.

if you don't know that I can make, you know that

But we all have our own addictions. Some people have youth food, alcohol, TV. The phone, the kids got the phones now.

What? We are adopted children of God, I'm here to tell you that. We have a place to run to, we don't have to run to alcohol and drugs. You don't have to look for attention anywhere else. We can Retreat into the presence of God. God, goodness of his present, let him give you the strength to fight that on Dixon. That is yours. some of us have a Dixon that we can't tell, nobody, especially church people You can tell some trust people if not, if then telling somebody else.

That is the topic of next Sunday. Message I'm here to tell you when you are up on that pole You are in charge of Soul. You're not in charge of situation. You're not here to make, nobody know better. You here to preach the unadulterated word of God.

That is what you're there for. You can insult and Inspire at the same time, pick one.

No, I know that we are human and you must forget, you must fail. But I know that I'm human, you know that I'm human but what is more important is that God knows that we are you mad because he made us that way. You have a wonder why you can make you an angel.

You probably couldn't do the job, but I'm just asking. What what it is about.

That's all, we are. That. He loves so much. Think about it. Do you like dust in your house? I do not.

But no matter how much you clean, doctors always there, isn't it? That is what God made us from dust. We will return. We are no more than just. A man. Yes, he loved me. I can't understand. That's why I asked him sometimes to roll back the curtains of memories now. And then become human, forget to tell me where you brought me from, and where I could have been remind me dear. Lord remind me. Hallelujah.

The only thing we have perfect a never going to be perfect is being imperfect. That is the only thing that we are going to be perfect app. I want to encourage you today to remember what he said. Don't matter what you're going through, don't matter what it look like, no matter how dark it is, it is always darkest. Before Dawn, one song Riker says, darkness is at Mid night, but joy cometh in the morning, you may have to cry sometimes, sometimes you may have to be alone sometimes.

But Retreat to Jesus. Don't stop coming to church because you don't feel like it. That's the time you go to church. Don't stop. Come to church cuz your head hurts. What if God give you a tumor? You can't handle a headache. But what if he give you a tumor?

That's when you want everybody and their grandmother and the children praying and laying hands on you. Press forward. Press to one lady said, I'm going to press on. I'm going to run on even if it's just to see what the end is like. If that's all, make sure you reach the end and be ashamed that you coming to church all this time. Sacrificing, all the stuff. Listen, I was not born safe. I know it's shocking.

I used to have some good fun outside there in the world.

Put fun. I didn't have to worry about who's going to backstab me. Cuz it seems like nobody did long as everybody doing the same thing. Nobody judging. Nobody who danced in this world who danced and you can't judge nobody. But you know what happened? When I asked him to church. It's been a good looks

One lady said, I should come in here with no stockings. What? It was 89 degrees. Why would I wear stockings? But I didn't know it was the rules either.

What's a get all kinds of looks and if you don't hug this one today, that's it.

More problems in the church than in the tub.

I don't know, if y'all know what I'm talkin about. The only thing is that I'm glad I'm safe because it changed. Not only my clothes but it changed my mind. Because sometimes when I know y'all can't tell but I got a mouthful or tell you. Sometimes you're just wanted to say some things to some people.

Oh, that attitude change in me. I am genuinely interested in how you were doing.

I wouldn't even wait for you to answer. But no, God, give me the patience and the thing to stand up and I wonder how you are, you smiling. But how are you?

Cuz sometimes we got to do that just to press through of a day we smile when we feel like crying. Hallelujah.

Had it not been for Jesus to, where would I be? I'm here to remind you today. Don't matter what it look like you will come true. Like your goal. You're a ghoul when you have been tested and drive unborn in your fryer. And when your sperm comes, and it's coming.

I don't know what your storm is. I know mine is coming. I had a few already, it's not over because it's time you go up to the devil ever. Here comes another devils.

but I'm here to tell you just like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego when they throw them in the fire, and the Man look like

I just don't even say told love you with. Did we not throw three in there? I see four. He did not support on how much you thought he's testifying.

The man. God is going to walk with you. God is going to talk with you. He's going to tell you don't go here. Don't call this person. Don't do that today. Don't go in today. Come back to my, don't do that. My brother don't do that but you wouldn't even talk with you. That's what he promised to do. You said I will never never, there's nothing you could do with God, could leave you alone. Will not protect you. I will be with you until the end of the world.

I'm not going to take up a lot of your time, but I'm going to tell you something else, even if you don't understand how God is, working it out. Trust and believe that Romans, 8 says, all things work together for good to them that love God, and are called, according to his purpose. Don't get on board. If you're living for him, doing his part for everything that happened to you is going to be for good.

Remind yourself of God promises to you, let not your heart be troubled.

We are humans. So you know sometimes we get all twisted up in the stomach. You can't eat can't sleep because he did this. She did not do the kids acting up. And oh my goodness, I have

They don't want to talk to you, they don't want to tell you the truth, looking right in your face and lion. A different word like just me. I'm telling the truth.

You just want to knock the head off that body, but I tell you, do you know, they're lying there? No. You know, that they're lying. But it's nobody but Jesus, he said, don't let your heart be troubled, believe in God believe. Also in me and my father's house are many mansions, David wasn't. So I would have told you but I am going to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again for you for you, for you for me.

And receive you unto myself.

When your fire comes, he will be there when your storm comes, he will be there. All you have to do is put him first. Start with him Retreat, to him first, call him before you call me, please.

It's always darkest before Dawn. God is going to turn your situation around. If you don't have a situation today, remember when you do have one, he's going to turn it around. He's going to work it out in your favor for you. He knows what is best for you.

Remember he is the Lord your God and what he said he will do Stephen do exactly what he says, even when you can't see him, he is there even when you can't see that he is working. Even if you call him and you can hear him, he's answering you.

I'll leave you with this. God will protect you, God will answer you, God will deliver you God will give his angels charge over you God Ramsey with you, God bless you. To worship you. I live Two of us, should be able to ship you.

To worship you. I live Jewelers.

Do worship you. I live


Sing with me sayings. Jewish worship you? I live to worship you. I live

Do worship you. I live

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