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New Birth out of the Water

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Illustration by Colin Smith – 5/09/09 on study of 1 John:

When a child is in the womb the life of the child is surrounded by water.  As soon as the child is born and he takes the first few breaths his nature changes and he can no longer live in the water.  He now can only live in the air.  We can go in through and under water.  We can hold our breath for 30 seconds, a minute, maybe a little longer.  But we can’t stay in the water under the water, etc. any more now that we’ve been born despite the fact that we could do it for 9 months.

Than nature of a sinner is comfortable with sin and it doesn’t bother him.  But when you’re born again the nature of your life is changed and you can’t settle with what you know if wrong in your life.  Holding onto a sin when you’re a Christian is like holding your breath under water.  You can’t do it long.  That’s the evidence of new life.  God becomes your friend when you’re born again and Satan becomes your enemy.  As often as you fail you seek to turn from it because of the indwelling HS.

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