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Power of Testimony-Connection 5-3-09

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The Power of Testimony and Connection


AS we approach table of Communion today

·                    Want to reflect a bit on what God has been doing in our midst

·                    God is doing great things

·                    April was an amazing month

o       God doing amazing things in this season



·                    God is doing a good thing in the body

What I want to do today is reflect a bit on the journey we are on

·                    Highlight some of the themes He is working in our midst

·                    Where He’s taking us—link us with vision for what’s ahead it to our communion

Many times God Speaks to our lives when we stand back look

·                    See HS Patterns

What I want to do is look at 3 things we walked through this last month as church

·                    Link together

·                    See a greater message of what Lord is doing in our midst

·                    Keys we move forward

·                    Rez Sunday— Testimony  (DEFINE)

o       REVELATION 12:10

Power of the Cross

o       Power of testimonies

o       Transparency

·                    Summarize: 

o       Power of testimony:  not saying better/smarter

o       I’m just a beggar who found food

§        Helping others to find it

Remember Testimony

·                    SHARE testimony

·                    Let God give you NEW Testimony

As I reflect on this—on the EFFECT of  TESTIMONY

·                    Reminded of fact:  More than just salvation—but our journey

·                    Telling our story—showing journey

·                    Testimony more than salvation


Layers of our testimony develop each day

·                    Feel like Jesus saying message of the cross is to continue throughout our journey

·                    But we need to SHARE our story

·                    Not just salvation—one day this happened thing

·                    Not just professional testimony folk

o       But normal/flawed people

o       Just like you and me

Testimony more than salvation

That God is doing something with this in this hour

·                    Wants us to share journey with each other

·                    Share TESTIMONY

Revelation overcome by blood of lamb, word of testimony

·                    FPU—Sun nights

·                    Best Financial

o       Each week one assignment

o       Tools

o       Maybe testimony??

Power in walking journey each week

·                    Praying

·                    Not something to keep to self

·                    Ps 78:4

4     We will not hide them from their children;

we will tell the next generation

the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,

his power, and the wonders he has done.


Praise needs to not just be VERTICAL—but HORIZONTAL

·                    Define

·                    Horizontal:  Church—each other—family—WORLD


ENEMY AFRAID OF TESTIMONY—not politically correct


·                    ENCOURAGES one another

o       ‘One Another Scriptures’

When you give OUT testimony—make way for NEW testimony!!

·                    Seeing change

·                    Walking together is KEY difference

World hungry for REAL Answers

Summarize:  God speaking about TESTIMONY

·                    Something FRESH

·                    A lot of times we go around in life wearing WRONG Testimony!

·                    Discovering wrong message on our cardboard (often we are oblivious)

·                    Letting Him write New!

God is speaking something to usabout testimony

·                    Wants to open our mouths

·                    Creates Hope

·                    ROMANS 10:17:  Faith comes by HEARING—Word Fleshed out—Glory Beheld

We need to HEAR and SPEAK testimony

·                    It gives hope

·                    God is saying—Church—pick up your testimony!

·                    ‘Testimony of Jesus’????

That work CONTINUED at

·                    Men’s Retreat

·                    Great weekend

o       Know most of you didn’t go—let me describe

God doing good thing with men in church—something powerful

·                    Growing comradery

·                    Men of God—diff seasons in life—diff places with God

·                    Soundness—strength

·                    That was reflected in weekend

God built on Testimony word

·                    SUMMARIZE:  Connection

·                    One another

·                    Write words—Matt/me message

·                    Good confession (Sunday AM)

o       Power of Fellowship

o       Power of playing together

o       Praying Together

o       Give testimony about what God did for us


·                    God bringing connection to BOC

·                    See it expressed LOTS of places

o       Small groups—examples

o       God wants to connect BOC

o       We are BOC

o       Amputation not good—connection—great!

o       Sharing lives together

Connection takes time—natural process

·                    Have to give opportunity for it

·                    Builds naturally

·                    Wick Wax

·                    Develop

·                    Scriptures

Staying power

·                    Men’s Breakfast this week

·                    Jake’s Ordination—EXPANDING Mantles of Ministry in this Hour —New anointing—launching

·                    Define ‘MANTLES’

o       Powerful morning service—Jake’s Testimony

o       More than just Jake/Mandy—God bringing greater mantle on church

o       We are all called to ministry

o       Sunday PM:  Powerful service

§        Worship

§        Word—develop—executive eldership

§        Fresh Mantle—Jake/Mandy

§        Fresh Mantle on church

Priesthood scripture

*        You have not chosen me

TI Quotes

·                    Connotation

·                    Word

Called to be in the Field Together

·                    If there has ever been an hour

Reaching world in practical ways

·                    Spiritual ways

·                    2 Services Vision

·                    Parking Lot Ministry Shout Out

·                    Special Needs Service

·                    Summer Vision, LGH

o       Internship

o       Leadership development

·                    Physical Needs/Transformation here at church this summer—new season


Communion—Come forward to receive

·                    Elders/Pastors Blessing—Impartation

·                    ????

·                    Who’s leading worship???


[1]The Holy Bible : New International Version. 1996, c1984 (electronic ed.) (Ps 78:4). Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

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