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Romans Chapter 4

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Romans Chapter 4

Theme: Salvation by Faith


•          Many people believe in salvation by faith, but not by faith alone.

•          Paul demonstrates that salvation is by faith alone, not by any works of man.


V.1-6:             Abraham and David Justified by faith

            •          By pointing to Abraham and David, Paul illustrates how stupid the notion of salvation by works is.

            •          In Abraham, Paul shows a saint who was saved by faith, not works

            •          In David, Paul shows a sinner who was not excluded, but was saved by faith.

            •          If Abraham could not be saved by works, no one could.

V.2:                 People like to Glory in their own works, but this does not impress God

V.4:                 A man who trusts in his works only builds up debt.

            •          Under works, everything depends on the sinner.

            •          Under grace, everything depends on the savior.

            •          Under works, God gives a fair trial.

            •          Under grace, God gives a free pardon.

            •          One must first plead guilty.

            •          One who pleads not guilty can only hope for a fair trial

V.7-8:             In referring to David, Paul references David’s own writings in Psalm 32:1-2.

V.9-12:           Abraham justified before circumcision

            •          Those who trust in religion are just as lost as those who trust in works.

            •          no religious observances are necessary for salvation.

            •          God’s covenant with Abraham already existed before his circumcision, Abraham simply believed.

            •          Don’t trust in religion. (Paul lost his religion when he got saved, are you ready to lose yours?)

V.13-18:          The promise granted through faith

            •          The only valid rule for salvation is the rule of faith.

            •          Salvation is an unconditional promise, guaranteed by the faithfulness of God (Galatians 3:17-18)

            •          The law had to do with a redeemed people who were already in a covenant relationship with God, and was aimed at securing their health, happiness and holiness as God’s people.

V.14:               Salvation by works nullifies faith.

V.15-16:         The outcome of the law is condemnation, it reveals sin.

            •          Those who are saved by grace are not under the law; therefore, their sin is no longer remembered.

            •          It is of faith (V.16)

V.17-22:         The principle of faith

            •          His faith was in a God who gives life to the dead.

            •          Abraham’s case was hopeless, but it was put in God’s hands.

                        •          He believed by exercising faith in God’s promise. (4:19-20)

                        •          He believed by exercising faith in God’s power. (4:21-22)

V.23-24a:        God’s method for Abraham is God’s method for us.

V.24b:             Romans 10:9 (confess w/your mouth, believe in your heart)

V.25:               Jesus is the only way

            John 14:6 (NKJV) 6Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

                        •          Salvation is by faith and faith alone.

                        •          Are you ready to lose your religion and trust Christ?

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