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Romans 3

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Romans 3

V.1-2: The advantage of the Jew:

•          Paul had just finished saying that a Jew is one that is a Jew inwardly, not because of anything they do. What advantage, then, has the Jew?

•          The Word of God was committed to them, they were meant to spread the Gospel to the world, this was a great honor.             

V.3-4: God’s faithfulness:

•          “faith of God. . .” This speaks of God’s faithfulness, not man’s.

•          If the Jews did not believe, does that mean that God has been unfaithful in keeping His promises? God forbid!

•          The Jews have been unfaithful to God, but He will still fulfill His promise.

•          God will always remain faithful, both to Jews and gentiles.

•          God’s word is eternal!

•          God is always faithful!

•          God will never leave us nor forsake us!

V.5-6: God’s judgment:

•          Our unrighteousness is the violation of God’s law.

•          Violation of the law does not make the law void, rather it brings attention to it.

•          God’s judgment is His righteousness in action.

•          How would God execute judgment without wrath?

•          He judges according to the law.

•          These Jews were very religious, but they did not know Christ. They lived by the law and would be judged by the law. We will all be judged according to God’s word.


•          If our sin brings glory to God, then why is it still considered sin?

•          Sin brings no glory to God!

•          Those who say that evil begats goodness, deserve their condemnation.


•          No one is better than another, we are all sinners. No one is good by his own right.

V.10-18:         14 indictments against man.

V.19-20:         The purpose of the law:

•          The law does not bring righteousness, but conviction. It makes sin known to us.


•          Righteousness comes through faith in Christ.

•          All who believe are equally justified before God.


•          Jesus is payment of satisfaction to God. Only through Him are we justified before God.

•          Jesus is our righteousness, God’s righteousness. The righteousness that comes to man who has no righteousness of his own.


•          No one can boast, not because the law says so, but because of faith.                         


•          God is the god of all, and justifies all through faith.


•          Our faith does not invalidate the law.

•          Our faith fulfills the law, and we became a living example of it.

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