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Job 6

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Job 6

Chapter 38


Theme: God is the creator, He is in control. He has absolute authority, and we can trust His authority and that of the Bible, God’s Written Word.

*          God answers Job with 77 rhetorical questions, over the course of 4 chapters

V. 1     “whirlwind”, God’s words are strong, they carry the ultimate authority.

V.2      Elihu is an idiot, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

V.3      Get Ready! When God speaks, we had better sit up and take notice.

Job couldn’t answer the questions. These were all designed to reveal Job’s minuteness, and God’s greatness.

V.4-6  God affirms His role as creator. This alone should convince us of how important this issue is. In fact, this is the entire focus of what God talks about, He never addresses suffering.

V.4      Although many try, we cannot explain the origins by present day processes (uniformitarianism). We can only hypothesize by using the evidence that exists today. The Bible is the only authoritative account of creation, for God is the creator and the only eyewitness.

V.7      The angels were created during the six day creation period. Gen.1:1, Exodus 20:11, Exodus 31:17. There creation would have to be at the very beginning, with heaven. There is absolutely nothing in the scripture that would teach otherwise.

V.8-18 Job This is to remind Job to trust God, that God is in control of far greater things than what is going on in Job’s life.

V.8      God, here, is reminding Job of the flood.

V.8-11 It has been proven time and again that man can not control the sea, or hold back the waters.

V.16    It wasn’t until 1900's that man discovered that there were springs in the ocean.

V.19    Light has motion, another recent discovery.

V.21    God was around at the beginning, He is an eyewitness. We should take His word on these issues.

V.24    Light affects the global wind patterns. When did we figure this out?

V.25-30 God alone is in control of the weather.

V.29    This probably refers to the ice age (immediately following the flood). God gives the picture of a sheet of ice slowly coming forth, as if emerging from a womb.

V.31    God talks about the constellations. Our modern telescopes tell us that the cluster of stars in the Pleiades constellation are bound together by gravitation. The stars of Orion are not.

V.33-35 God is the creator of and in control of the laws of nature.

V.36-38 Wisdom comes only from God

v.39-41 Only God can adequately provide for the vast needs of the animal kingdom.

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