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Building a time line through genealogiesGenesis Chapters 5 and 11

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Building a time line through genealogies

$   Genesis Chapters 5 and 11:10-26 contain complete genealogies (no gaps). This is evident by the way that each person is linked to his descendant by a definite number of years.

$   By counting the years between descendants, we find that there are 1948 years between Adam and Abraham.

$   Matthew chapter 1 and Luke chapter 3 list the generations between Jesus and Abraham.

$   Matthew chapter 1 lists 42 generations and does contain a few gaps, but these are filled in by reading 1 Chronicles 3:11-12.

$   Luke chapter 3 lists 55 generations between Jesus and Abraham.

$   Since ages are not listed here as they are in Genesis, our calculations will be less exact.

$   If we figure an average of 35 years between generations, 55 generations would give us 1925 years.

$   It is a well established fact that Jesus lived approximately 2000 years ago.

$   2000 (from Jesus to now) + 1925 (from Abraham to Jesus) + 1948 (from Adam to Abraham) = 5873 years (approximate)

$   The Jewish calendar, which dates from creation by way of Old Testament genealogies, puts us in the year 5769.

$   The plain reading of Genesis 1 tells us that the days of creation were normal days. This dictated by the rules of grammar, and the fact that it is the only interpretation that preserves biblical unity and harmony.

$   With Adam being created on the 6th day, the creation must be approximately 6000 years old.

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