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1 Chronicles 17

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1 Chronicles 17:1-12

V.1:     David had a genuine desire to see that God was well taken care of.

V.2:     This sounded good to Nathan, also.

            A.        Don’t follow your heart, follow the Word of God!

V.3-6: God said “I didn’t ask for a house.”

V.7:     I took you from being a shepherd, from following sheep, to ruling my people.

V.8:      I have always been with you.

V.9-10:           I will take care of you, and I will build you a house.

V.11-12:         My house is not for you to build, I have some one else to do that. You won’t even get to see it. (Not now, not you).

•          We may desire to do some good and noble task for God, but it may be something that He has not told us to do.

•          Don’t follow your heart, follow the Word of God. He will never leave you astray. Following your heart can cause all kinds of problems.

•          We need to understand that God has a place for everyone, and everyone needs to keep his place. (Numbers 3:23,29,35)

•          Don’t get jealous if someone else has been called to do a job that you desire.

•          Paul says that the Christian life is like a race, but not against each other.

•          There are no unimportant or insignificant jobs for God. Each is vitally important to His will.

•          Too often, because of jealousy and bitterness, we hinder those who have taken “our jobs.” We criticize and complain about the way they do things. God made a mistake by not calling me.

•          We should faithfully do our jobs, and support others in their jobs.

•          In the succeeding chapters, we see that rather than being bitter, David stored up vast amounts of treasure and materials. He helped to prepare the way for Solomon.

Romans 12:1

•          Living sacrifice, as opposed to dead.

•          We would choose jobs that are convenient to us.

•          If it were easy and convenient, it wouldn’t be sacrifice. God chooses!

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