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A Father

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  The joy of fatherhood sometimes is taken for granted by many men. Today, we find many men who have excuses of why we don't fulfill our responsibilities. Too often they have excuses that first of all or only a lie with a reason....Yes, they're liars with reason. We find today young men and women who have to make some of the most difficult decisions of their lives without the influence of Our Fathers. Yet the graciousness of God has overshadowed some of us and we have made through those difficult and dangerous decisions we've made. Without the man that was progenitor, seed barrier, the one that I look like, the one who genes are make up my genetic code. My Father missing, absent, AWOL, or invisible from my life has cause such great pain. *

Pain...anguish that is invisible to your eyes, silent to your ears, and intangible to your feelings. Yet this Pain that you cannot see, feel, or hear.....those whose Father is absent, invisible, awol, or missing...Yet the pain is felt deep in the heart, seen when this day arrives it reminds me that he is missing, and hear on Holiday morning when the voice that hear, not that it is not appreciated, is high pitch voice of my mother. The pain of not hearing that baritone pitch voice of the man of whose genes are in my body is absent. 

What anguish....hurt....disappointment....distress that is in the lives of the Fatherless.

But, Our Father...has a way of fulfilling.....leading......and training begins to change the streght of mankind.

Our Father is our example....someone that will lead us through difficult decisions and issues. He teaches us to be men to fulfill this title that we have tonight. .

Father: A man that has begotten a child, a source (a generative force, a cause), a prototype (model, an example, someone that exhibits the essentials features).  

Father is not just a baby maker....but he is a person that holes life within him. As a person that holds life then he becomes a creature that cherishes life. He is not a person that gets joy out seeing someone suffer. His hope is that everyone will get to know his Father.

He is a source....a force of light (revelation, strength, love, concern, and hope). A Father is not destroyer...I know that woman that you have children with is not the most fair...but if you're striving to be a Father. Our Father will give you the victory in the situation. He will cause you to be what your child (ren) need and what she wishes she had. A source that causes great things to happen.

Our Father....Source of Life, Peace, Love, Prosperity, and Power will cause you to then become a Prototype...

You will be what every child seek...what every man envies, you'll be talked about because you begin to resemble Our Father....You'll be hated by those who chose not to fulfill their responsibility.....but you will be to them an example of what a true Provider is...not just with a monthly check but with a lifelong support in the time of difficult decisions.

Then when you're old and grey you'll hear your children say with pride and greatness....

Our Father was not the richest but he gave us confidences to become what we are today...

Our Father was not the smartest man in the neighborhood but he guided us with a Strong and Power hand even when we didn't like...

Our Father did not leave nor forsake me he was not a paycheck but he was an example of Jehovah-Jireha....he did not always give what I wanted but what I needed...

So, what I am today is not because I didn't have a Father because in the absence of my natural father I have a Father who has put men in my life to help me....


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