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The Power of Vision

John: Shining a Light on Jesus  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Vision in Tribulation (v. 1-3)

The question always comes up Why do bad things happen to good people? Here we see“Who Sinned” is asked.
Their was a expectation that either he had done wrong or his parents had. But neither had done wrong that caused him to be blind. The man had been born blind for the moment we just read about. It was moment 38 years in the making. This man went through it all so that God may be glorified and people may hear the gospel.
Also on this we often asked who done wrong because we like to point fingers. We like to find somewhere to point the blame. Others makes it convenient. Pride sometimes keeps us from admitting our faults. But often times as humans we like reason and logic. We want to know and put things in a logical explained way, when sometimes we need to learn to be content with a because God said so and trust him.
We need to learn how to be content with a God said so, and walk in faith.
Bad things give us a platform. God uses the tribulation that come upon us to be a witness to others.
We should not look at our handicaps/trials as limitations, but as extensions that offer us unique opportunities.

Vision of the Sent (v. 4-7)

The sent have foresight to realize night is coming. the time to go will come to an end. So be a good steward of it.
The sent realize time is limited.
The sent are aware God moves in unexpected ways. How many people would have expected Jesus to make mud with his spit to heal a blind man. In a sense living water came from the mouth of God. We need to be sensitive to what is going on around us. Sometimes we miss out on what God is doing because we are looking in the wrong spots.I think of Elijah in 1 Kings 19:9-13. Elijah heard God in the whisper, not the wind, earthquake, or fire. We often let our expectations and opinions limit how we see God move. God does not mold to our expectations or opinions.
Let the Holy Spirit guide you not your personal expectations.
Vision comes as we go to the place sent (v. 7). This man had an unexpected experience, but would not fully understand it until he got to the place he was being sent. he knew something was happening but not to what extent until he took the steps of faith to the place sent.
Vision comes as we walk in faith.

Self-Inflicted Blindness (V. 13-17, 22, & 41)

Many times God’s truth is right in front of us, but yet we can choose to be ignorant and miss the whole point. Pharisees were very guilty of it. Anytime we see Pharisees mentioned it is rarely a good sign.
Sometimes we let getting caught up in the motions blind us. The pharisees were so caught up in the motions of keeping the sabbath holy they lost sight of its true holiness. Jesus was meeting the needs of the people, but they could not get over the fact he was doing it on the Sabath. Jesus was making more of an impact on souls than they had in years, but their motions kept them from seeing the beauty.
Religious traditions at times can be a hindrance in sharing the gospel.
Address relationship not religion statement.
Sometimes blindness comes because we are sticking to a checklist of what counts as a movement of God.
Their are times we ignore indisputable facts. The pharisees knew only God could do what Jesus was doing but they refused to acknowledge the fact.
Blindness comes when we choose ignorance.
The blind lead by fear in the dark. God has not given us a spirit of fear, that is why the devil uses fear to control. If we fear, we are not choosing to follow God. Fear blinds. Fear overrides logic
What the self-inflicted blind see damns them. Sadly the blind have been shown light, but still choose to remain blind in the darkness. God has revealed himself, if you choose to ignore him, you only bring damnation upon yourself.

Source of Vision (V. 32-33)

True vision, vision that brings light comes from God.
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