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The Personality of the Holy Spirit

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1) 4-12-09…PM…SBC     2)

The Holy Spirit

Sources:  Walvoord, Enns, Grudem, Systematic Theology notes, Ryrie Systematic,

The Personality of the Holy Spirit (Review)

Mind of the Spirit:      Romans 8:27, 1 Corinthians 2:11        Grieving the Spirit:     Ephesians 4:30

Performs acts like a person: Hover - Gen 1:2, Abide – Gen 6:3, Teaches – Luke 12:12, Speaks – 1 Tim 4:1, Commands – Acts 8:29, Forbids – Acts 16:6, Intercession – Rom 8:26-27

He is susceptible to personal treatment: He can be insulted – Heb 10:29, Lied to – Acts 5, He can be blasphemed – Mt 12:31-32, He can be obeyed – Acts 10:19-21

Ø    the Scripture is bursting with scenarios and contexts where the HS is showing personal traits – contrast to force

1-     The Titles of the Holy Spirit


Ø      the support for the deity of the Holy Spirit is found predominately in the titles of the HS, His identification and association with God and His relationship with the Trinity

Ø      these all combine to confirm and enhance the individual contribution to the whole of the Bible’s teaching

A-    Spirit of God

1-      1 Corinthians 2:11 clearly shows that as man and his spirit make one and the same being, so God and His Spirit are only one...”[1]

2-      Romans 8:9–11 all members of the Trinity are mentioned: “Spirit of God dwells in you” (v. 9); “Christ is in you” (v. 10); “Spirit of Him (Father) who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you” (v. 11).[2]

3-      Romans 8:13-14; Acts 16:6-7

Title Emphasis Citation
One Spirit His Unity Ephesians 4:4
The Lord the Spirit His sovereignty 2 Corinthians 3:18
Spirit of Glory His glory 1 Peter 4:14
Spirit of Life His vitality Romans 8:2
Spirit of HolinessHoly SpiritHoly One His holiness Romans 1:4Matthew 1:201 John 2:20
Spirit of WisdomSpirit of UnderstandingSpirit of CounselSpirit of Knowledge His omniscience, wisdom,and counsel Exodus 28:3Isaiah 11:2
Spirit of Might His omnipotence Isaiah 11:2
Spirit of Fear of the Lord His reverence Isaiah 11:2
Spirit of Truth His truthfulness John 14:17
Free Spirit His sovereign freedom Psalm 51:12
Spirit of Grace His grace Hebrews 10:29
Spirit of Grace and Supplication His grace and prayerfulness Zechariah 12:10


2- Divine Attributes are given to the HS –[4]

            Hebrews 9:14              - HS is eternal = God is eternal

            Ps 139:7-10                 - the omnipresence of the Spirit – God is omnipresent

            1 Cor 2:9-11                - the Spirit know the thoughts of God – God is omniscient

                                                - Spirit to Spirit communication

            Eph 4:30                      - his name is Holy Spirit

            1 John 5:6                    - this implies that an attribute of the Spirit is truth

                                                - God is also a god of truth and this connects the Spirit to God

            2 Thess 2:13                - HS is involved in sanctification

            Rom 8:11                    - HS is involved in Resurrection

            2 Peter 1:20-21            - HS is active agent in production of Scripture

                                                - The end result is God-breathed

3- Diving Works are ascribed to the HS

            Genesis 1:2                  - was actively involved in creation - creation is divine activity

            John 3:5-8                   - HS involvement in regeneration

            Titus 3:5                      - HS involvement in regeneration

            Acts 28 25                   - Paul attributes the recording of these words of the prophecy of Isaiah to the HS

                                                - Better viewed as Paul attesting to the Inspiration of Scripture

4- The HS Association with God

A-    Gen 1:2                       The Spirit of God

B-    2 Samuel 23:2             The Spirit of God

C-    1 Cor 3:16                   God’s Spirit

D-    1 Cor 6 19                   God’s Spirit

Application:                Evangelism and Discipleship

1-      How will the deity of the Holy Spirit affect our evangelistic/discipleship efforts?

·         being faithful is our goal while we  allow the HS to convict hearts

·         we won’t use manipulation techniques to do the work of the HS


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