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When Silver and Gold Fail Us

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\\ Sermon for April 26, 2009

Text: Acts 3:1-10

Title: When Silver and Gold Fail Us

  • I.) did you hear about the drunk who was down on all fours late one night under a streetlight? He was groping around on the ground, feeling the cement, peering intently at the little cracks. A friend drove up and asked, “Sam, what are you doing there?” Sam answered, “I lost my wallet.” So the friend got out of his car, walked over, got down on his hands and knees with him, and they both started looking. Neither of them could find it. Finally the friend said to his drunk buddy: “Are you sure you lost the wallet here?”
                      • “Of course not! I dropped it a half a block over there.”
                      • “Then why are we looking here?”
                      • “Because there’s no streetlight over there.”
            • Asking for what he wanted not what he needed
            • Failing to believing God can do the impossible
            • God wants to change our entire life not just the small part we asking for


  • II.) The man gave them his attention expecting to get something from them
            • The beggar was expecting to receive something
            • Getting people's attention

  • III.) Ray Stedman once traveled across the country for a week of meetings. The only problem was, that his baggage didn’t make it. As I recall, the bags went on to Berlin! He needed a couple of suits so he went down to the local thrift shop and was pleased to find a row of suits. When he told the salesman, “I’d like to get a couple of suits,” the man smiled and said, “Good, we’ve got several. But you need to know they came from the local mortuary. They’ve all been cleaned and pressed, but they were used on stiffs. Not a thing wrong with ’em; I just didn’t want that to bother you.” Ray said, “No, that’s fine.” So he hurriedly tried some on and bought a couple for about twenty-five dollars each.
                      • When he got back to his room, he began to get dressed for the evening’s meetings. As he put one on, to his surprise there were no pockets. Both sides were all sewn up! Though surprised, he thought, “Why, of course! Stiffs don’t carry stuff with ’em when they depart!” The suits looked as if they had pockets, but they were just flaps on the coat. He told me later, “I spent all week trying to stick my hands in my pockets. I had to hang my keys on my belt!”
            • Silver and gold I have none
                      • But what I have I give you
                      • In the name of Jesus walk
                      • Man crippled from birth begging for money
                      • Instantly his feet and ankles became strong
                      • He jumped to his feet and walked
                      • The healing was immediate
                      • In the name of Jesus is not a magical formula

  • IV.) What do we have to give
            • Psychology, sociology, religion, politics, science, economics, advise from life
            • We have Christ to offer
            • Powerlessness
            • Poverty and ignorance abound in front of the temple

  • V.) He praised God and all the people who had seen him praised God
            • Instead of seeing a beggar Peter saw someone who could use the power of God
            • The work was not Peter's but was God's

  • VI.) Disability joke and Jesus
            • Do we still believe he changes lives
            • Do miracles still happen today
            • Depending on affluence
            • There is nothing special about Peter's faith or the beggar's faith

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