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Romans #09 One Plus One Equals Ten to Infinity

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Romans Series #9

Romans 5:12-21

1 + 1 = 10~

Ten to the Power of Infinity

One plus One equals …

ten to the power of Infinity

One Sinner Much Death

On Sacrifice Much Life


Read 5:12-21

I. One Sinner, Much Death

   A. "We didn't start the fire" … (wav file - we didn't start the fire)

      1. sin is NOT a result of us breaking the 10 commandments and other law

      2. sin was already in our nature as a result of Adam. 

a. We are now predisposed by NATURE to SIN. 

b. If you don't believe that, wait a couple of years until you get married and have children. 

c. You will find that you DO NOT have to teach an infant to be disobedient, disrespectful, prideful, selfish. 

d. On the contrary, you have to teach them NOT to be those things.

      3. the law, as we learned, was given so that we would KNOW that we were NOT living up to God's Standard and we would understand the CONDEMNATION that we were ALREADY under


Jesus said  that he "did not come to condemn, but I came because you were condemned already" John 3:18

   B. Deal with the problem - Not your Culpability

      1. a sticking point for many of us is the issue of "hey if this is Adam's fault, why am I condemned?"

      2. we want to argue our level of culpability or responsibility instead of accepting it and dealing with the problem

      3. What's the problem - we are DOOMED to DIE

        a. not just our physical death, but an eternal death and separation from the one who Loves us and Made us.

        b. BUT what if I didn't know about these "laws"? - Guilty

        c. But what if I didn't really mean it - Guilty

        d. But what if it's just the way I am - GUILTY! - v14

        e. The problem is what's on the inside not what's come out or become visible

      4. We spend too much time fighting the WRONG fight

If you have a hereditary disease what are you going to spend your time doing?

a.   arguing whether or not you HAVE the disease?

b.   Arguing whether or not you DESERVE the disease?

c.   Arguing whether or not you deserve the CONSEQEUNCES of the disease?

d.   Do you argue over the treatment?

e.   Do you come up with your OWN treatment?

1)   eat right

2)   exorcise more

3)   think positive thoughts

4)   meditation


5. If sin is our disease and death is the result, you can Read your Bible, and Go to Church, Sing Happy Songs of Worship, and Have a good attitude, you can even PRAY, BUT those things while they are GOOD will NOT cure your disease!!!!  NO matter how diligent you are at doing those things, they help your quality of life, even the quality of your spiritual life, but they DON"T cure the disease

   C. Consequences of Infection

      1. Eternal Death - i.e separation from God and eternal punishment

      2. Bondage in Life - "v 17 death RULED all people because of that one man"

        a. you can try what you will, but you are controlled by sin and without the Personal power or authority to remove yourself from Sin's Power and Authority in your life.

        b. You cannot break free

** according to this passage, and remember we've decided that Paul speaks for God, we all have a hereditary disease called SIN.  The byproduct of that sin is Life of Bondage and Eternal DEATH.  If you have a single drop of Adam's blood you are infected. 

In other words if you are human you've got a problem


II. One Sacrifice - Much Life

   A. Much More

      1. Jesus gave back even more than Adam lost

        a. Adam lost life

b. Jesus gave back the righteousness of God

      2. The Sin that the Law Revealed was GREAT, but the GRACE of God that Jesus Provided was Greater Still.

      3. Sin reaches to the depths of Man but God's Grace reaches to the heights of God's Glory and Goodness

      * a full translation of verse 20 might be that "where sin increased Grace SUPERABOUNDED!"

      4. When we stand in our faith in Christ Jesus, while the Prosecutor may say "Your Honor I object, this one is CLEARLY Guilty and Charged."  To which our Judge, Almighty God says "you are Overruled, because they have ALREADY been ACQUITTED and stand forgiven and clean before me because their debt has been paid."!!!

      5. Just like you didn't sin LIKE Adam sinned but were guilty; Even so, you are NOT righteous like Jesus, but you can be innocent. 

      6. Just like Adam's sin made us guilty APART from our own sinful acts; Even so, the obedience of Christ makes us innocent apart from our own good works that we've performed.

B. A change in Residence

   1. The Natural man lives in the dominion and rule of Satan and is subject to it's reign as well as to it's consequences and it's curses

   2. Upon receiving the free gift of Grace afforded by the Sacrifice of One, we are transferred to a new realm of influence we take up residence in a new jurisdiction.  We no longer are under the rule of Sin nor subject to it's power, but we are transferred into the blessing of God's Kingdom under the rule of Jesus Christ under whom all things have been made subject because he was obedient, to death, even death on the cross.

   C. Compare the Two and Make a Choice

1. Two men - Adam / Christ (v. 14)

2. Two Acts - One sin in the garden / One righteous act of obedience on the cross – Adam was sinful in the garden, Jesus was submissive in the Garden (not my will but thine)

3. Two Results - Condemnation, guilt, and

death  / or Justification, Life, and


4. Two Differences -

a. In Degree - Sin abounds / Grace superabounds

b. In Operation - One sin by Adam resulting

in condemnation and the reign of death for everyone /

Many sins laid on Christ resulting in justification and

Reigning in life for believers

5. Two kings - Sin reigning through death / Grace reigning through righteousness

6. Two abundances  - Sin abounds  / Grace in the gift of righteousness

7. Two Stations of Life - Condemned people slaves of

sin by Adam / Justified people Reigning in life by Christ

So you are faced with a Choice between these Two Men

REVIST what we said earlier

If you have a hereditary disease what are you going to spend your time doing?

g.   arguing whether or not you HAVE the disease?

h.   Arguing whether or not you DESERVE the disease?

i.    Arguing whether or not you deserve the CONSEQEUNCES of the disease?

j.    Do you argue over the treatment?

k.   Do you come up with your OWN treatment?

5)   eat right

6)   exorcise more

7)   think positive thoughts

8)   meditation


so what have you done?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to Get Up and Leave the Room

Or Stay and Receive what God has for you?

If you've already received the gift of God are you living in the Fullness of the Grace of God?  Are you living in the Superabundance?

Are you living or are you REIGNING as he intended?

1 + 1 = 10~

ten to the power of Infinity

of Sin

Of Grace

Which of these two equations do you live in??

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