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Also called: Corruption, Oppression, Tyranny
Lack of justice.

Top Bible Verses about Injustice

Job 24:1–4

“Why are not times kept by Shaddai, and why do not those who know him see his days? They remove border stones; they seize flocks, and they pasture them. They drive away the donkey of orphans; they take the widow’s ox as a pledge. They thrust the poor off the road; the needy of the earth hide themselves together. Read Job 24:1–4

Proverbs 13:23

There is much food in the field of the poor, but it is swept away by injustice. Read Proverbs 13:23

Ecclesiastes 3:16

I saw something else under the sun: instead of justice there was evil; instead of righteousness there was wickedness. Read Ecclesiastes 3:16

Isaiah 59:14–15

And justice is pushed back, and righteousness stands afar; for truth stumbles in the public square, and straightforwardness is unable to enter, and truth is missing, and he who turns aside from evil is plundered. And Yahweh saw, and it was displeasing in his eyes that there was no justice Read Isaiah 59:14–15

Amos 5:11–12

Therefore, because you trample on the poor and you take a grain tax from them, you built houses of dressed stone, but you will not live in them. You built vineyards of delightfulness, but you will not drink their wine. For I know your transgressions are many and your sins are numerous, you foes of the righteous, those who take a bribe, and those who push aside the poor ones in the gate! Read Amos 5:11–12

Habakkuk 1:2–4

O Yahweh, how long shall I cry for help and you will not listen? How long will I cry out to you, “Violence!” and you will not save? Why do you cause me to see evil while you look at trouble? Destruction and violence happen before me; contention and strife arise. Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice does not go forth perpetually. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore justice goes forth perverted. Read Habakkuk 1:2–4

Luke 23:13–25

So Pilate called together the chief priests and the rulers and the people and said to them, “You brought me this man as one who was misleading the people, and behold, when I examined him before you, I found nothing in this man as basis for the accusation which you are making against him. But neither did Herod, because he sent him back to us. And behold, nothing deserving death has been done by him. Therefore I will punish him and release him.” But they all cried out in unison, saying, “Take this … Read Luke 23:13–25

Famous Christian Quotes About Injustice, Corruption, Oppression, Tyranny

Starting a War to Exercise Tyranny

There are those who for no other cause stir up war but to the intent they may by that means more easily exercise tyranny on their subjects. For in the time of peace, the authority of the council, the dignity of the rulers, the vigor and strength of the laws, do somewhat hinder, that a prince cannot do all that he wants; but as soon as war is once begun, now all the handling of matters rests in the pleasure of a few persons.

Desiderius Erasmus
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