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Unified In Purpose!
4 Aspects Of Worship
I Thank My God Every Time I Remember You
God Didn't Call Us To Be Comfortable!
Into The Highways and Hedges
Why Do You Do What You Do?
It Starts At Home
Be Ready To Shine Bright (Graduate Recognition Sunday)- May, 23, 2021
What is an Apostle?
What is an Apostle?
Amanda Cooper  •  Crestview Baptist Church of Shelby  •  Sermon  •    •  24 views  •  16:46
The Rocks Will Cry Out!
Conditions for Victory
What is An Evangelist?
What is An Evangelist?
Amanda Cooper  •  Crestview Baptist Church of Shelby  •  Sermon  •    •  22 views  •  30:06
I Know My Redeemer Lives!  April 12, 2020
A Family Divided
Properties Of Proper Prayer - July 25, 2021
Defeating Your Giants - April 25, 2021
Stop Trying to Fit In
Peace on Earth
Hanging of the Greens Service
Spiritual Gifts: Giving
Mom: A True Servant Leader
Mom: A True Servant Leader
Artie Hubbard  •  Crestview Baptist Church of Shelby  •  Sermon  •    •  18 views  •  26:06
A Sympathetic High Priest
Is Christmas Really Over -December 26, 2021
Celebration of Baptism -September 12, 2021
Actions Needed In The Church Today - August 15, 2021