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The Danger of Pride
Predestined for Salvation
Implications from Your Worldview
The Kindness and Severity of God
Church Leadership #2
Attributes Of A Mature Church
Walking As Christ Walked
The Children of the Promise Part II
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
God's Sovereignty
Greg Dowdall  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  4 views  •  28:26
Bearing the Sword
They Were Not of Us
The Pattern Of A True Believer
Glory To The King
The Necessity of Bloodshed
Final Plans
Final Plans
Your Final Plans
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  2 views  •  44:08
Christ, Servant for God's Glory
Believers are Empathetic
The Believer's Longing for Glory