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Isaiah 43:10
Faith Without Works is Dead
The Danger of Pride
Break Up Your Unplowed Ground
Why Don't We Fear?
Zeal vs Knowledge Part 1
Zeal vs Knowledge Part 1
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  13 views  •  35:07
The Means Of Transformation
Where is Our King?
Church Leadership #2
Why Do We Fear?
The Stumbling Stone
Put on the Armor of Light
Do Not Love The World
The Alarm is Sounding
You Can't Say Can't
You Can't Say Can't
1 Corinthians 10:13
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  8 views  •  52:00
Make no Provision for the Flesh
The Beauty of His Will
The Beauty of His Will
Romans 11:25-32
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  7 views  •  57:25
Inhibitors of Transformation
Called to Salvation
When Judgement Has Come
Does the World Know You?
Children's Program / Zechariah, the Prophet
The Dangers of the Occult
Striving Together
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
God's Sovereignty
Greg Dowdall  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  5 views  •  28:26