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The Danger of Pride
Break Up Your Unplowed Ground
Implications from Your Worldview
Don't Lose Heart
Provoking One Another
Hope, Adversity, and Prayer
Hope, Adversity, and Prayer
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  15 views  •  1:02:28
Attributes Of A Mature Church
The Means Of Transformation
Walking As Christ Walked
Older Men in the Church
Older Men in the Church
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  9 views  •  59:38
Why Church Membership Is Important
Living Sound Doctrine
Christmas Eve 2021  The Angels Praise
Children's Program / Zechariah, the Prophet
The Dangers of the Occult
The Center Of God's Will
The Disappointment Of Israel's Unbelief
Impossibility of Love in th Unregenrate
Does the World Know You?
Obedient Members & Joyful Leadership
Striving Together
Build Up Your Brother
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
God's Sovereignty
Greg Dowdall  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  4 views  •  28:26
Walking the Walk - Titus 2:7-8
How Beautiful Are Your Feet
How Beautiful Are Your Feet
Luke 10:11-15
Doug Campbell  •  Elvaston Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  4 views  •  52:16