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Jason Hefner

Minister of Word and Sacrament  •  Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)  •  Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Jesus Rocks
2 sermons
The Seven First Words
8 sermons
This Easter season our theme is “The Seven First Words” of Christ after his resurrection. Just as Jesus’ seven utterances on the cross reveal the redemptive love of God, so Jesus’ conversations with his disciples after his resurrection reveal the significance of his new life for us. Drawing from accounts in the four gospels, we can piece together the essential vision Jesus gave to his disciples. As we seek to be disciples today, we stand in continuity with Jesus’ original ministry.
The Seven Last Words
6 sermons
By compiling the gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus, the church has treasured the last seven sayings (“words”) of Jesus as he hung upon the cross. These phrases draw us into the love of God shown for us through the suffering of Jesus and inspire us to love God deeply in return
Jesus Among Us
7 sermons
As Jesus teaches and ministers among his disciples, we get glimpses into who he is and who he is calling us to be.
Advent 2021
4 sermons
During the Advent season, we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Christ child by cultivating hope, peace, joy, and willingness to welcome Christ into our world and into our lives.
Hebrews - Focusing on Christ
6 sermons
Life can get blurry when we are constantly rushed, stressed, and distracted. The book of Hebrews, reminds us to focus on Christ to find clarity of purpose and spiritual vision.
The Letter of James: Faith That Works
5 sermons
Faith works: it puts what we believe into action and it makes life more effective. We when we live according to our faith in Christ we show that the gospel is true and our lives reflect Christ's character.
Summer 2021 with St. Paul: Transformed by Christ
12 sermons
Paul had a radical encounter with the risen Christ that revolutionized his values and empowered him to share a transforming message with the world. We are now the bearers of that new way of lfie.