Faithlife Sermons
ONE is Enough
21 sermons
Have you noticed how fractured our society is? Have you felt those deep fault-lines in yourself as well? God is uniting everything under Jesus the Messiah and he can make you whole as well. In this sermon series we look at an inspired ancient letter from a courageous Jesus Follower to a church in what is now modern-day Turkey. Join us as we explore some ancient wisdom for our modern fractured lifestyles.
Bible Studies
16 sermons
Resurrection Sunday - The Launch of New Creation
1 sermon
What is it about Jesus that Christians make such a big deal about him? Even if I accept that Jesus rose from the dead, why does the Resurrection matter? How does it fit into history and into the future?
The Good and Beautiful God
8 sermons
Together we look at falling in love with the God Jesus knows.
New Years
1 sermon
The Cost of Christmas
3 sermons
We know that not all Christmases are Merry and Bright! The events that led up to the first Christmas give us the clue that God knows our story and wants to meet us in our mess.