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Standalone Sermons
3 sermons
This series of messages were delivered as sermons that were not a part of our regular series.
8 sermons
Having hope or looking to find hope, is a foundational desire that drives people to make choices, spend resources, or invest time in the ways that they do. While pop culture, politics, and the news play on our desire, our need even, for hope the Christian needs to understand and be ready to share the difference between the hope that God gives and the hope that humanity often settles for. This series explores this by looking specifically at how Jesus is greater than any other hope!
The Trinity
5 sermons
The Doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most ancient dividing lines between orthodox theology and heretical teaching. Unfortunately, it is not something that is talked about often and so many people today do not have a strong grasp on this. This series will explore this doctrine and seek to give Christians a firm foundation with regard to understanding God and His work of redemption.
We Are
5 sermons
Season of Worship (Advent 2018)
4 sermons
During the Season of Advent in 2018, we explore how God intends for His people to experience a rhythm in their lives that is continually producing worship. Pastor Isaiah defines worship as giving God praise, adoration, and honor. Because that encompasses both attitude and action, worship is not just a simple action. Worship can occur in a variety of activities and situations. In this series, we explore worship in Celebrations, Community, Song, and Joy at the Incarnation of the God the Son.
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