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First Baptist Church of Gallatin

Church  •  Gallatin, MO

Understanding Ordinances & Membership
3 sermons
Impromptu because it "started" in the 2020 pandemic with a sermon on communion, "ended" in 2021 on baptism, only then to continue on to address church membership.
Sunday Evening Messages
19 sermons
Sunday evening devotional sermons to begin our evening prayer and worship services at FBC Gallatin.
Understanding Our Church Doctrine
3 sermons
A study of the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) during our monthly church business meetings.
Individual Sermons
10 sermons
Individual sermons preached at FBC Gallatin outside of a series.
Kingdom Come
9 sermons
A sermon series at FBC Gallatin through the first 7 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew.
Discerning Counterfeit Teachers
1 sermon
Sermons through the letter of Jude
Centered Commitments
4 sermons
A Series Exploring FBC Gallatin's Core Commitments.
Creation, Fall, Consequences
12 sermons
A sermons series through Genesis 1-11
Understanding Our Church Covenant
5 sermons
Series of teachings from our church covenant during our monthly business meetings
Evidence & Assurance: Serious Questions About Genuine Christianity
20 sermons
A series through the book of 1st John at FBC Gallatin.