Faithlife Sermons
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Daniel Pelichowski

Senior Pastor  •  First Baptist Church of Gallatin, MO  •  Gallatin, Missouri  •  Southern Baptist

Gospel Centered Justification
20 sermons
A sermon series through Galatians.
Understanding Our Church Doctrine
12 sermons
A study of the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) during our monthly church business meetings.
3 sermons
Selected sermons preached focusing primarily on the defense of the faith at FBC Gallatin
Sunday Evening Messages
35 sermons
Sunday evening devotional sermons to begin our evening prayer and worship services at FBC Gallatin.
Gospel Motivated Partnerships
2 sermons
A series about Great Commission Partnerships for God's Glory!
Individual Sermons
24 sermons
Individual sermons preached at FBC Gallatin outside of a series.
Christian Friendships
1 sermon
An follow-up topical sermon to a Galatians series sermon on friendship titled "Truth Telling Friends" from Gal 4:12-20.
Pastor's Report
1 sermon
FBC Gallatin Year End Ministry Report.
Intentional Discipleship
3 sermons
A series about helping others grow in the Christian life.
Exploring the Psalms
4 sermons
Selected expositions of the Psalms.