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Daniel Pelichowski

Senior Pastor  •  First Baptist Church of Gallatin, MO  •  Gallatin, Missouri  •  Southern Baptist

Individual Sermons
13 sermons
Individual sermons preached at FBC Gallatin outside of a series.
Kingdom Come
12 sermons
A sermon series at FBC Gallatin through the first 7 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew.
Sunday Evening Messages
22 sermons
Sunday evening devotional sermons to begin our evening prayer and worship services at FBC Gallatin.
Exploring the Psalms
3 sermons
Selected expositions of the Psalms.
Understanding Ordinances & Membership
4 sermons
Impromptu because it "started" in the 2020 pandemic with a sermon on communion, "ended" in 2021 on baptism, only then to continue on to address church membership.
Understanding Our Church Doctrine
3 sermons
A study of the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) during our monthly church business meetings.
Centered Commitments
4 sermons
A Series Exploring FBC Gallatin's Core Commitments.
Creation, Fall, Consequences
12 sermons
A sermons series through Genesis 1-11
Understanding Our Church Covenant
5 sermons
Series of teachings from our church covenant during our monthly business meetings
Evidence & Assurance: Serious Questions About Genuine Christianity
20 sermons
A series through the book of 1st John at FBC Gallatin.