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The Christian Reformed Church of St. Joseph

Church  •  St. Joseph, MI

Acts Series
59 sermons
How should the church understand itself and its place in the world? Acts, the account of the birth and growth of the early church, gives us the answers that we need in the days in which we live.
Advent 2020
4 sermons
Romans Series
51 sermons
I John Series
12 sermons
The Ministry of Marriage Series
2 sermons
Marriage is many things, but above all, it is a ministry where each member is called to give sacrificially in ways that work for the eternal good of their spouse. These things are plainly and powerfully given to us by the apostle Peter in I Peter 3:1-7. Join us for a two-part examination of this brief passage and challenge yourself to embrace the kind of marriage God has always intended you to have. Your spouse will almost certainly notice the difference!
Purity Series
3 sermons
In today's world, purity, especially the kind intended for marriage & human sexuality, is rare and often viewed as a barrier to joy. The truth is just the opposite. Purity is beautiful & powerful, a source of incredible joy. In this series, we engage these truths from 3 important passages. And even if purity has not been as much a part of your past as you wish it had been, by God's grace, it can still bring its beautiful effects to your life today. All you need do is embrace it.
From ME to WE Series
4 sermons
There is nothing more important to human flourishing than the health of the family, and the health of the family is dependent on one central thing: each member changing their focus from me to we. In this important series from Colossians 3, we examine what this transition looks like for each family member, Husband, Wife, Parent, and Child. The calling God has for each of us is significant, but when we embrace it, it brings deep blessing for us and for all other members of the family as well.